Family Holy Rosary Meeting

From the September Meeting:

Two new members were welcomed.  Written prayer intentions were remembered during recitation of the Rosary.  DVD on the Blessed Mother entitled "The Woman" was viewed.  The tradition of members taking our statue of Mary home for prayer and tradition each month was revived.  Regina Therrien did so for September.  Discussion of establishing a DVD library for members and others to increase knowledge and understanding of Our Blessed Lady and her role in leading us to Jesus , her Son. 

Praying the Rosary will take place before all weekend Masses during the month of October as well as in May.  Parishioners and families are encouraged to participate.  We will be sponsoring a Living Rosary in conjunction with the ANF Rosary for Life being held on October 6 throughout the country.

The Pro-Life group, St Gianna's Defenders headed by Maryanne Santelli has been accepted under the umbrella of the Society.

The 8:30 Mass on October 13th will be for living and deceased Rosarians.

The resignation of Mary Ellen Faustini as secretary was accepted along with Maryanne Santelli as her replacement.

Next meeting is Tuesday, October 8th at 6 p.m.  We welcome all who would like to join us.  At meetings we pray the Rosary, offer intentions for the month, take part in Spiritual Enrichment, plan upcoming meetings and get to know fellow Rosarians while we enjoy refreshments.  Hope to see you there!